leaves in the background that fall down the screen on scroll leaves in the background that fall down the screen on scroll Shadow of trees and branches on a white background image of computers and keyboard with code on the screens

Stuart Otter


Interested in a Specific Area?

Click on the images below to view the appropriate demo or select from the drop down if available

Screenshot of the home page for Axtec.co.uk

Axtec - Axle Weight Technology

Summer Project working with an Axtec to develop their new website

Thumbnail image of the Citrus Restraunt sample page

Citrus Restraunt Sample

Designing different page layouts

Thumbnail image of the Musical Youth Theatre School sample page

Theatre Web Page Sample

Taking a mock up design to a webpage

JavaScript Examples

Thumbnail image of a mobile friendly webpage

Mobile Friendly

Demonstrating the use of touch event listeners, Google Maps API and Local Storage

Thumbnail image of a javascript soundboard


Using canvas objects and animation

Thumbnail image of 2 animations

Animation Demos

Using loops to produce animations

Thumbnail image of a drawing of cars using objects in javascript

Canvas Objects

Objects and Inheritance

Thumbnail image of a number game written in javascript

Think of a Number

JavaScript Number Game

Thumbnail image of a game of a fish drawn using javascript canvas

Fish Canvas Drawing

JavaScript Fish Canvas Drawing

Thumbnail image of a cat selector

Cat Selector

JavaScript Cat Selector

Thumbnail image of 4 card in a row one an ace and one a joker

Find the Ace

JavaScript Find the Ace Game

Thumbnail image of a painting of house on a hill written using javascript canvas

Canvas Painting

Javascript Canvas Painting

Thumbnail image of a game of hangman on a black background


JavaScript Hangman Game

2 versions one with code previously written, the other now re-factored to make it cleaner


Experience in Object Oriented Programming and Test Driven Development

Clicking these demos below will download a zip file for you to view the code written unless other options are given

Thumbnail image of code written in PHP Storm

PHP Toolkit

A Basic PHP Toolkit of Classes

Thumbnail image of code written in PHP Storm

Basic Registration Form

Validation, Database and Session Handling

Graphic Designs

Screenshot of design of mobile website

Original Website Design Mobile

Screenshot of design of desktop website

Original Website Design Desktop

Screenshot of second design for mobile website

Original Website Design Mobile 2

Photograph of Sydney Harbour through and on hover the edited image

Website Leaf Effect

Black shirt design with a red outline of canadas signature leaf

SVG Team Shirt Designs

Photograph of 3 shattered glass balls with led lights inside

Education Page Lights

Screenshot of second design for mobile website

Sample Rugby Poster Design

Design for a rugby programme

Sample Rugby Programme Front Page

C# / Windows Applications

Experience in console applications to develop skills and Windows Hub Apps

Please note you will require Visual Studio to run these files

Screenshot of shape object program

Calculate Shapes using Objects

Screenshot of vehicle object program

Model Vehicles Using Objects

Screenshot of sports object program

Sports Team Model Using Objects

Screenshot of smallest input program application in visual studio

Smallest Input

Screenshot of a card game in visual studio

Card Game